Constantine Schiess

Constantine Schiess was the first member of the family we have any knowledge of and who was born on February, 1824, at Baden-Baden, Germany.  He came to this country as a young man sometime before 1848.  On the ship coming over from Germany, a romance took place between he and a young girl from Nassau-Usingen, Germany.  Her name was Barbara Mybaugh who was born December 4, 1826.  It seems he offered her a peach, thus, the friendship began.  When they reached New York, they were married and instead of going Kansas City where he had relatives, he settled with his wife in Rochester, New York.  Barbara (Mybaugh) Schiess died in Anderson, Indiana in 1906 at St. Johns Hospital.

Constantine Leaves Germany

Most of the young men in Germany were required to serve some time in the service.  One day while on duty with his companions, the cook offered them some rotten baloney.  He became angry and threw it to the ground.  This made his captain angry and a fight ensued.  Young Constantine took his sword and passed the tip of it across the captain’s nose.  Infuriated, the captain had several witnesses testify that they heard him reading revolutionary papers to his men.  This resulted in his being arrested and tried for treason.  Constantine was given a choice — stay in jail or leave the country.  Several months in jail made him realize that there was no other way out and so he sailed for America.

Becomes A Blacksmith

Constantine became a blacksmith making iron grill-works.  He was a good story-teller in the family.  He told of the Black Forest and how one of his ancestors went barefoot on a pilgrimage to a shrine carrying a cross on his shoulders to do penance for some sin he had committed.  He told tales of the nobility who went to the Spa at Baden-Baden for relaxation and enjoyment.

Sometimes his wife, Barbara, would get impatient with her children because they would complain about what they had to eat at dinner.  One would want pork chops, the other wanted steak.  Each wanted something different.  There were one daughter and five boys in the family.  There was Josephine, John, George, Henry, Andy, and Willie.  One day Barbara got so angry that she went into Rochester and bought herself a cottage, and she, along with little Willie, went there to live.  Little Willie died after a time, but Barbara would not go back to the family home.  However, Constantine became very ill and she did care for him until he passed away in about 1900.

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