Early Origin of MCHS

Early in December, 1884, Dr. William A. Hunt invited a number of gentlemen of well-known taste for archaeological matters to meet at his office in Anderson for the purpose of organizing a county historical society.  The meeting was held and an organization effected with the following persons as officers:  Dr. William A. Hunt, president;  Stephen Metcalf, 1st vice-president;  Samuel Hardin, 2nd vice-president;  Frank A. Walker, secretary and Fleming T. Luse, treasurer.

On the 20th of December, 1884, articles of association were filed in the Recorder’s office, one which sets forth that “The object of this society shall be to discover, procure and preserve, whatever may relate to general history;  especially to the archaeological, natural, literary and ecclesiastical history of the State of Indiana, and more particularly of the county of Madison in said State.”

The names of those signed to the articles are:  W. A. Hunt, Stephen Metcalf, Samuel Hardin, F. T. Luse, F. A. Walker, Charles B. Gerard, B. F. Spann, W. R. Pierse, William Roach, B. H. Campbell, Dale J. Crittenberger, Dory Biddle, R. I. Hamilton, O. S. Kelso, M. A. Chipman, M. A. Bosworth.

The Board of Commissioners reserved a room in the court house for the use of the society and the work of collecting historical relics and curiosities was begun.  Much interest was taken in the matter and many rare archaeological specimens were donated to the society by citizens of the county.  In the course of time, however, it became necessary to use the society’s room for county business.  Consequently, the Society’s artifacts were moved to the Anderson High School building in the fall of 1895 where it was put in charged of the superintendent of the city schools.(source: History of Madison County, Indiana)

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